Beauty products made the old-fashioned way.

LOUISBURG, N.C. - Most people have to drive to the store when they run out of hand soap and lotion. For Traci Nachtrab of Lucky 3 Farm, that is not the case. Her soaps and lotions, whipped up in her kitchen using her personalized recipes, come from the cows and pigs that she raises with her husband, Calvin, and daughter, Rachel, on their pastures.

Lucky 3 Farm, a small sustainable family farm that has been in Traci's family for many generations, is tucked away at the end of a winding gravel path here, about 30 miles northeast of Raleigh.

The Nachtrabs raise 100 percent grass-fed cows, as well as pasture-raised and organically fed pigs and chickens. They deliver the meat to families every month. In April, Nachtrab began making beauty products for her Lucky Body "Back to Basics Skincare" line, available for sale at .

"I started making beauty products because we weren't using all the tallow and lard from our animals," Nachtrab said. "We had half a freezer of it, and some of it was being thrown away by our processor."

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