Canning makes a come back

With summer crops now in the height of production, one local woman is on a mission to preserve that garden goodness for her family to enjoy throughout the year and she is teaching others how to achieve that goal as well. Kendra Lynne, a 32-year-old mother of four, began canning a few years ago and she recently released a how-to DVD on the subject.

“About five years ago my husband and I decided that we wanted to move more toward locally grown, naturally produced foods, so we started raising a garden,” Lynne explained. “The natural progression was once you start raising your own food and having an abundance you have to preserve it, so the next step was learning to can it.”

Lynne grew up in California and moved to Yadkin County as a teenager. She said she didn’t grow up, like many native Yadkin County folk, with a mother or grandmother who canned.

“I honestly didn’t even know that people still canned until not that long ago when I met some ladies who were canning all of their families’ food,” Lynne said with a laugh. “I was blown away and I wanted to learn because at that point I saw the frugality of it. Plus it’s more nutritious and I know what’s in it.”

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