How to Tackle 10 Home Cleaning Tasks With Just 5 Green Ingredients

When it comes to cleaning, frugality bodes well. Making your own all-natural potions and powders costs much less than buying that something straight off the supermarket shelf. Plus, the environmental impact of less chemicals is much milder, leaving the conscience a little cleaner as well. All you need is five easy ingredients and you’re in business!

1. Baking/Washing Soda

It’s nothing dramatic. All you do is take common baking soda and heat it up in the oven, which slightly changes the chemical makeup. Washing soda won’t clump together like baking soda, and it has a grainier (i.e. more abrasive) quality.

2. Castile Soap

Basically, this is soap made with oil (traditionally olive oil) versus animal fat. Dr. Bronner’s is the easy way to do this, and it comes with pleasing aromas to boot. However, it’s possible and supposedly simple to make your own castile soap . But, vegans be warned: Lye becomes problematic .

3. Borax

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